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Weapons in Valheim are items used to fight and kill Creatures and bosses. You have melee, bows, shields and consumable weapons (Ooze bomb).

You can unlock more weapons after killing bosses in the game to progress to the next era and getting new resources from new biomes.

Valheim weapon crafting recipe list

Valheim sword crafting list

Valheim club/ maces crafting list

Valheim pickaxe / axe crafting list

Valheim spear crafting list

Valheim atgeir / polearm

Valheim other melee weapons crafting list

Valheim bow crafting list

Valheim shield crafting list

Valheim Arrow crafting list

What weapons are there in Valheim?

Weapon type Damage type One/ two-handed Secondary attack Backstab damage bonus
Swords Slash damage One-handed Stunning the enemy 3x
Axes Slash damage One-handed 3x
Battleaxe Slash damage Two-handed A quick stab that costs less stamina than a normal attack 3x
Bows Pierce damage Two-handed 3x
Spears Pierce damage Two-handed Throwing the spear. It can be picked up afterwards. 3x
Pickaxes Pierce damage Two-handed 3x
Polearms Pierce damage Two-handed Dealing damage in a circle and knocking back enemies 3x
Knives Half pierce/ half slash damage One-handed Leap forward and attack 10x
Clubs Blunt damage One/ two-handed Power up our attack dealing more damage 3x
Two-handed Clubs Blunt damage Two-handed Power up our attack dealing more damage 2x
Torch Blunt/ fire damage One-handed Power up our attack dealing more damage 3x

What are offensive and defensive properties of weapons?

Offensive properties

In Valheim there are creatures that have resistance/ weakness to a certain damage type, which could increase or decrease the effectiveness of these damages. The table above shows the damage type per weapon.

  • When an enemy is resistant to a damage type the damage numbers are shown grey.
  • When an enemy is weak to a certain damage type the numbers are shown yellow.

Defensive weapon properties in Valheim


Weapons in Valheim (except tower shields) can be used to parry attacks.

Certain weapons also have parry force. This shows the amount of knockback that is applied to enemies when succesfully parrying.

Weapons that have 0 parry force are spears, bows and blackmetal axes.

Parry bonus

The parry bonus is a multiplier to the block power when parrying an attack. The damage dealt to an enemy after a successful parry is always dubbeled for a short period of time. The parry bonus of a weapon is determined by its weapon type.

Parry bonus table
Weapon Parry bonus
Knives 4x
Atgeirs (polearms) 3x
All other weapons 2x
Bows 1.5x
Round shields (Except Bronze buckler) 1.5x
Tankard 1.5x
Tower shields Cannot Parry

Blocking attacks (block power)

In Valheim all weapons a a block power value that indicates the amount of damage that can be blocked by the weapon.

Shield overview
Name Round/ Tower Shield Block power/ Upgraded Max Parry force/ Upgraded Max Parry Bonus
Wood shield Round 20 /30 20 / 20 1.5x
Wood tower shield Tower 36
Bronze buckler Round 45 /55 30 / 30 2x
Banded shield Round 60 / 70 40 / 50 1.5x
Iron tower shield Tower 75
Silver shield Round 75 / 85 40 / 50 1.5x
Serpent scale shield Tower 90
Black metal shield Round 90 / 100 50 / 60 1.5x
Black metal tower shield Tower 105

Movement speed by weapon type

Movement speed table
Weapon type Movement speed reduction
Tower shield (except serpent shield) -20%
Serpent scale shield -10%
Polearms -10%
All other one-handed melee weapons -5%
bows, round shields & pickaxes -5%
Knives -0%


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