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Type Crafting station


Used to craft

Workbench (Item).png Workbench
ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Antler pickaxeAntler pickaxeWorkbenchWorkbench
Cape of OdinCape of Odin
Crude bowCrude bow
Finewood bowFinewood bow
Flint axeFlint axe
Flint knifeFlint knife
Flint spearFlint spear
Hood of OdinHood of Odin
Horn of CelebrationHorn of Celebration
Lox saddleLox saddle
Mead horn of OdinMead horn of Odin
Midsummer CrownMidsummer Crown
Ooze bombOoze bomb (5)
Rag pantsRag pants
Rag tunicRag tunic
Stone pickaxeStone pickaxe
Wood arrowWood arrow (20)
Wood shieldWood shield
Wood tower shieldWood tower shield
Abyssal harpoonAbyssal harpoonWorkbenchWorkbench
Crafting Station Level Star.png2
Abyssal razorAbyssal razor
Deer hide capeDeer hide cape
Fenris coatFenris coat
Fenris hoodFenris hood
Fenris leggingsFenris leggings
Fire arrowFire arrow (20)
Flinthead arrowFlinthead arrow (20)
Leather helmetLeather helmet
Leather pantsLeather pants
Leather tunicLeather tunic
Linen capeLinen cape
Lox capeLox cape
Root harneskRoot harnesk
Root leggingsRoot leggings
Root maskRoot mask
Troll hide capeTroll hide cape
Troll leather helmetTroll leather helmet
Troll leather pantsTroll leather pants
Troll leather tunicTroll leather tunic
Wolf fur capeWolf fur cape
Bone tower shieldBone tower shieldWorkbenchWorkbench
Crafting Station Level Star.png3
Obsidian arrowObsidian arrow (20)
Poison arrowPoison arrow (20)
Frost arrowFrost arrow (20)WorkbenchWorkbench
Crafting Station Level Star.png4
Needle arrowNeedle arrow (20)
total: 48 row(s)