September 29, 2023 Patch

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Patch notes


A couple of additional fixes to the PTB today, including some bug fixes to the map and to the barber station!

Patch Notes

Fixes & Improvements

  • The map no longer closes when typing the bound map key
  • Zooming on the map now closes the pin input window
  • Added -resetmodifiers startup parameter to dedicated servers
  • Added -resetknownitems non-cheat command for resetting items, recipes, and stations
  • Midsummer pole & Midsummer crown recipes have been disabled (it’s officially autumn!)
  • Fix off-by-one error that caused build range to be +4m larger than intended and made the build range preview inaccurate.
  • Barber station sitting position fixed
  • Multiple players can no longer use the barber station at the same time
  • World modifier player-based raid fix: Fixed issue with boss event conditions not updating until re-logging
  • Fix start menu fadeout missing “Loading…” text
  • Fixed an issue where spear is thrown in the wrong direction
  • Fixed occasional Xbox crash when another player died close to the host