Mead horn of Odin

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This article is for a downloadable content item or feature. It may be purchaseable, or may no longer be available.
Mead horn of Odin
Mead horn of Odin.png
Type Tankard
Tooltip Odin's finest warriors deserve the finest drinks.
DLC Beta

Mead horn of Odin is a Tankard available only to those who participated in the Beta, and signed up for staying up-to-date with the latest news by email.

Can be equipped and used to consume mead from the first stack in the player's inventory. Can still be placed on an Item Stand if spawned in via Console commands, but cannot be used for drinking unless the player owns the corresponding DLC.



ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Mead horn of OdinMead horn of OdinWorkbenchWorkbench
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Used to craft

This item is not used in any crafting recipes


This item cannot be upgraded