May 14, 2024 Patch

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Patch notes


The world is heating up and in the south something is stirring... The creatures of the Ashlands come to life as the biome update is here at last!

After three weeks in the Public Test Branch, we believe we have ironed out most of the wrinkles with the update already, but please keep in mind that hotfixes and such are still likely to happen within the near future! Feedback and bugs are best sent in via the support page on our website.

Before you dive into the game, please do take a look at our preparation guide. This guide touches important matters such as world generation and mods.

You will find the abbreviated patch notes further down, and the detailed patch notes (full of spoilers) below those. Please respect those who don't want to see spoilers before they play.

If you have missed out on our gameplay trailer, it's available on our YouTube channel, but right now we want to get your blood pumping with this animated release trailer!

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

New content:

New Biome – Ashlands:

  • 30+ New weapons
  • New bombs and ammunitions
  • 3 New armour sets
  • 2 New capes
  • 10+ New creatures
  • 70+ New buildable items
  • 5 New crafting station upgrades
  • 30+ New crafting materials
  • 15+ New food items and potions
  • New locations
  • New music
  • New events
  • New mechanics

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed Mead materials
  • Standardised texts throughout the game
  • Various fixes and improvements

Detailed Patch Notes:

New content:

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed Major Healing Mead material
  • Fixed Minor Eitr Mead Material
  • Standardised texts throughout the game
  • Updated names for old Flametal items
  • The popup for unlocking new things is displayed longer
  • Disabled ESRAM usage on Xbox One to work around a Unity bug that caused some particle systems to have corrupt shadowmaps
  • Added console command ‘findtp’ to go to nearest found item
  • Added console command ‘setfuel’ to fill all nearby lights to specified fuel
  • Map is now closed after using debugmode teleport
  • There is now a toggle in Gamplay Settings for “Attack towards look direction”, if this is toggled off, attacks will instead be made in the direction the camera is facing
  • Modding: IMonoUpdater no longer requires to be inherited from and error messages removed

Once more, please do remember to check out the preparation guide before you set sail towards the Ashlands, it contains important information!

NOTE! Unfortunately there are currently some issues with the Microsoft and Xbox versions of Valheim, which means there will be a slight delay in getting the update properly uploaded there. However, the current version on Xbox Flight is the same as the version coming to live, so crossplay will still be possible between Xbox Flight and Default Steam games.