March 12, 2024 Patch

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Patch notes


⚠️ Note: This update is for the Public Test branch of Valheim only, and may therefore be unstable!

Prior to launching this update to the Default version of the game, we want to have a chance to discover bugs and fine-tune the balancing to ensure the best game experience.

[list][*]ACCESS: Right-click Valheim in your Steam library, then select ‘Properties’. In the new window, select ‘Betas’ and type in the code “

”. The Public Test branch should now be available for you to select. The PTB FAQ can be found here.

[*]FEEDBACK: Please leave any feedback in the “#valheim-public-test” channel in our Discord or through the PTB form on our website.

[/list]Please remember to be considerate towards players who are not participating in the Public Test, as some may prefer to avoid spoilers. As indicated by the access code, please ensure to create backups of your save files before playing.

Hello vikings! We've got a bunch of fixes and improvements for you today, to smooth out the game and to prepare everything for the upcoming Ashlands update. This patch touches on everything from enemy spawning and build pieces to language issues and memory leaks. Most notably though, it features an upgrade of Unity and a significant change to how the game loads assets such as dungeons. If you mod the game, please see the FAQ linked further below as it will affect many mods!

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

  • Unity engine upgraded
  • Major changes how locations/dungeons are loaded to improve performance
  • Multiple bug fixes

Detailed Patch Notes:

Fixes & improvements:

  • Upgraded Unity engine to 2022.3.17f
  • Changes to how locations/dungeons/rooms are loaded and unloaded. For more information regarding this change, please see the FAQ
  • Fixed issue where Seasonal groups that extended over a year change wouldn't work in the new year
  • Fixed terrain modifications around locations not getting applied properly
  • Fixed bug where old pre-Mistlands terrain modification did not blend with newer modifications [Note! you have to run the “optterrain” command to update the terrain]
  • Fixed issue with the point emote not orienting the player properly
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to the blocklist
  • Fixed a bug where menu navigation via keyboard arrows keys stopped working after the setting menu was exited via ESC or back button
  • Fixed some UI elements to no longer flicker when the game is running at low FPS
  • Naturally spawned beds can now be removed using the hammer
  • Fixed a bug where Geirrhafa and Brenna would respawn after game restart
  • Turnip inventory stacking fixed to match other vegetables
  • Fixed missing text for Fermenter without a roof
  • Fixed hardcoded text for Kiln
  • Fixed a bug where weight for many items is not displayed for Turkish language
  • Fixed text in some languages not being centered vertically in the manage saves menu
  • Fixed items in merchants' stores not being centered
  • Fixed Sun shafts and Soft particles graphic settings not toggling properly
  • Low disk space warning improvements
  • Fixed a memory leak when highlighting building objects
  • Improve time to validate IP addresses which speeds up loading
  • Players can now find friends on Xbox/MS Store via friends tab in server browser
  • Fixed missing text when trying to use an item on a cartography table and windmill
  • Fixed an issue with Linux dedicated servers
  • Fixed window resizing when exiting settings
  • Elder no longer spawns on his altar
  • Optimised minimap to reduce FPS drops when having a lot of map markers
  • Fixed an issue with cloud saves on Microsoft Store
  • Weight text in UI Tooltips now show both individual weight and total weight for stacked items
  • Fixed a bug that caused 2 days to be skipped instead of 1 when only Xbox clients were connected to a dedicated server
  • Tweaked how camera rotation on gamepads behave [Now a lot more similar to how it behaves on Mouse/Keyboard]
  • Fixed inconsistent support calculations for “Cage floor” 1x1 piece
  • Fixed gap when placing banners
  • Fix items to no longer move in the inventory UI when upgrading them
  • Fixed creature position not updating properly when transferring ownership
  • Fixed an issue where blocklist would allocate 2GB of RAM, now it only allocates what is necessary
  • Fixed issues with boat ownership when a client gets disconnected
  • Boats no longer suddenly stop when ownership is transferred or a player is accessing the boat storage
  • Sails are now blowing in the correct direction compared to winds
  • Dealing knockback to an enemy in a slope no longer affects the player dealing the knockback
  • Gamepad and mouse now both behave in the same way
  • Added caching for minimap creation to make startup time faster