Linen cape

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Linen cape
Linen cape.png
Type Cape

The Linen cape is a Cape made with Silver and Linen thread, and is therefore only obtainable after deating Moder, the fourth boss. It comes in six different styles.



ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Linen capeLinen capeWorkbenchWorkbench
Crafting Station Level Star.png2
total: 1 row(s)

Rags Rag pantsRag tunic
Leather Leather pantsLeather tunicLeather helmetDeer hide cape
Troll Troll leather pantsTroll leather tunicTroll leather helmetTroll hide cape
Bronze Bronze plate leggingsBronze plate cuirassBronze helmet
Root Root harneskRoot leggingsRoot mask
Iron Iron greavesIron scale mailIron helmet
Fenris Fenris leggingsFenris coatFenris hood
Wolf Wolf armor legsWolf armor chestDrake helmetWolf fur cape
Padded Padded greavesPadded cuirassPadded helmetLinen cape
Eitr weave Eitr-weave trousersEitr-weave robeEitr-weave hoodFeather cape
Carapace Carapace greavesCarapace breastplateCarapace helmet
Odin (DLC) Hood of OdinCape of Odin
Misc Lox capeDverger circletYule hatMidsummer crown