Leather scraps

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Leather scraps
Leather scraps.png
Type Material
Weight 0.5
Tooltip A small pile of leather scraps.
Max stack 50

Leather scraps are a crafting material dropped by Boars in the Meadows. It is used in multiple crafting and upgrade recipes throughout various stages of the game.



This item cannot be crafted

Used to craft

ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Bronze atgeirBronze atgeirForgeForge
Bronze axeBronze axe
Bronze maceBronze mace
Bronze swordBronze sword
Crafting Station Level Star.png2
Iron atgeirIron atgeir
Iron axeIron axe
Iron maceIron mace
Iron swordIron sword
Fang spearFang spearForgeForge
Crafting Station Level Star.png3
Silver knifeSilver knife
Silver swordSilver sword
Tanning rackTanning rackHammerHammer
Cape of OdinCape of OdinWorkbenchWorkbench
Crude bowCrude bow
Flint axeFlint axe
Flint knifeFlint knife
Flint spearFlint spear
Hood of OdinHood of Odin
Lox saddleLox saddle
Ooze bombOoze bomb (5)
Rag pantsRag pants
Rag tunicRag tunic
Tanning rackTanning rack
Wood shieldWood shield
Wood tower shieldWood tower shield
Abyssal harpoonAbyssal harpoonWorkbenchWorkbench
Crafting Station Level Star.png2
Abyssal razorAbyssal razor
Fenris coatFenris coat
Fenris leggingsFenris leggings
Root maskRoot mask
total: 33 row(s)


This item cannot be upgraded