June 22, 2023 Patch

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Patch notes


We hope you’re all having a fun time with Hildir’s Request so far! We’ve got a few miscellaneous fixes for you today which should hopefully make everything a bit smoother.

Patch notes:

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Re-added missing Smelter hoover text
  • All clothes sold from Hildir now only provide 1 armour
  • Equipped items will no longer be moved when the “place stack” button is used
  • Dead Raiser and Shield staff can now be upgraded to level 3
  • Fixed AI updates behaving wrong (mobs should feel more responsive again)
  • Spawners for Hildir mini-bosses now only appear in actual “Hildir dungeons”
  • Tweaked Black forge extension Vice recipe
  • Fixed descriptions for World modifier resource rate to correct 2->1.5 and 3->2 values, and added a x3 option
  • Fixed an issue where Riding skill was not improving
  • Fixed descriptions and typos in world modifiers
  • Fixed misaligned text in connection panel
  • Added resource rate options
  • Added merch store button to main menu (Steam version only)
  • World modifier tooltips should always be displayed correctly when hovering now
  • Localization updated and tweaked some strings
  • Some more ZDO null checks
  • Skip intro is working again when using gamepad
  • Fixed double selection in ingame menu when using controller