June 18, 2024 Patch

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Patch notes


⚠️ Note: This update is for the Public Test branch of Valheim only, and may therefore be unstable!

Prior to launching this update to the Default version of the game, we want to have a chance to discover bugs and fine-tune the balancing to ensure the best game experience.

[list][*]ACCESS: Right-click Valheim in your Steam library, then select ‘Properties’. In the new window, select ‘Betas’ and type in the code “

”. The Public Test branch should now be available for you to select. The PTB FAQ can be found here.

[*]FEEDBACK: Please leave any feedback in the “#valheim-public-test” channel in our Discord or through the form on our website.

[/list]Please remember to be considerate towards players who are not participating in the Public Test, as some may prefer to avoid spoilers. As indicated by the access code, please ensure to create backups of your save files before playing.

This patch offers a number of balancing tweaks to the Ashlands! If you want, you can view the numbers for yourself, but the gist of it is that several enemies have had a decreased spawn chance. There has also been a significant change to Flametal spires, so that they no longer sink into the lava once you start to mine them.

Aside from this, there are also some more technical fixes for both Xbox and Mac.

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

  • Balancing tweaks for the Ashlands
  • Multiple bug fixes for Xbox and Mac

Detailed Patch Notes:

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Decreased random spawn chance of multiple enemies in the Ashlands:
    • Voltures: reduced spawn chance from 30% to 20%
    • Twitchers [DAY]: Spawn interval increased from 110 to 200, reduced spawn chance from 55% to 25%, maxSpawn decreased from 4 to 3
    • Twitchers [NIGHT]: Spawn interval increased from 100 to 160, spawn chance reduced from 60% to 30%, maxSpawn decreased from 5 to 4
    • Charred Archer: Spawn interval increased from 240 to 320, reduced spawn chance from 40% to 20%
    • Charred Melee: Spawn interval increased from 240 to 320, reduced spawn chance from 50% to 20%
    • LavaBlob: Spawn interval increased from 200 to 260
  • Flametal spires will no longer submerge when mined
  • Voltures no longer make walking sounds when flying
  • Fixed a bug in the block list that made it possible to block yourself


  • Fixed a bug that made the game think that every player in the player list was the local player. This bug was the root cause of multiple issues since privilege checks became completely broken. This impacted Managing Player Communication, Display Name and GamerPic, and Maintaining Multiplayer Session State.
  • Fixed a bug concerning Joinable Game Sessions and Online Play
  • Fixed an error on Xbox One caused by Mouse.current returning null if if no mouse is plugged in


  • Instead of polling to check for availability of precise scrolling deltas, which is inefficient, especially on slower Macs, cache the value and only update it when the input layout changes.
  • The scroll modifier native plugin is now only applied when actually scrolling, and the scroll value is now set in Update() instead of reading it every time the scroll wheel function is called. This makes it less resource intensive, noticeable on weaker systems.
  • Fixed an issue to make sure to register the Game Center platform id without the "A:_" prefix, since that would later break the parsing of the platform ID when adding players to the player list since it expects only one underscore to be present in the string. This would've caused issues with muting players via the player list, but with this fix, muting works as expected with MAS players.