Infested Mine

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Infested mines are dungeons found in the Mistlands.


Infested mines are found beneath Black marble buildings, and are typically guarded by Seekers.

These dungeons are composed of multiple rooms of different shapes and sizes linked together, usually branching off of one main rectangular hallway chamber. Many rooms are blocked by various kinds of wooden obstacles (either natural or Dvergr-made), which must be destroyed with an axe to proceed. Sometimes, rooms or passageways will be hidden behind one of two types of hidden doors: the Old dvergr gate, which looks almost indistinguishable from the solid marble walls of the mines except for a Dvergr face pattern; and the Hidden door, which is a small marble block with blue runes inscribed on it. Both types of doors can be opened simply by interacting with them. Old dvergr gates usually lead to regular passages or rooms, whereas Hidden doors lead to treasure rooms.

Three resources can be found exclusively here: Black cores, necessary for constructing the Eitr refinery, Black forge and Galdr table; Sealbreaker fragments, required to access The Queen; and Royal jelly, used in mead bases and for Eitr-based foods. Loot chests and most Black cores can only be found in treasure rooms behind a hidden door. Royal jelly is found mainly in piles on the floor, which can be interacted with or destroyed, but are also dropped by Seeker broods. The royal jelly piles will respawn every 4 hours; they are often accompanied by a dripping stalactite of royal jelly on the ceiling directly above, which is purely aesthetic but can be useful for locating the piles.

Seekers, Seeker Soldiers, Seeker Broods and Ticks can be commonly found in these mines. It is not uncommon to find higher-level variants of these enemies (except for the Seeker Broods). Some enemies will respawn every 4 hours.


The dungeon's structure is similar to that of Frost Caves, therefore proceeding carefully, searching for possible openings or breakable wooden walls in all directions, and being wary of heights are the main considerations necessary when exploring.

It is a good idea to avoid breaking walls before an entire section is cleared. A clear path to the exit should be kept to allow fleeing from danger.

It is easy to be swarmed by multiple enemies at once, especially when first entering a room. As such, since the enemies in the mines lack elemental attacks, and due to the Seekers' dive-bomb attacks (which allows them to spring at players quickly from afar and deal massive damage), having the Bonemass Forsaken power is most beneficial here. Players should still consider eating at least one good Health-boosting food so that they can tank more than one strong hit at once, especially if they plan on running an Eitr-focused build as the Eitr-weave Set provides very little defense.


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  • You can place Campfires and Cooking stations inside.
  • The number of black cores per infested mine can vary significantly. As some mines may lack black cores entirely, it is often necessary to explore multiple mines before players can build their first eitr refinery.
  • Old dvergr gates and Hidden doors cannot be closed once opened.