Haldor (NPC)

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Trader Haldor (NPC)

Trader Haldor is a Dvergr found in the Black Forest


Haldor is found in the Black Forest in any of a set of spawn points across the map that are at least 1500m from the center.

Once you come within roughly 350{Citation Needed} meters of one of these spots, he will be permanently found there.


Item Icon Cost Availability Description
Yule Hat Yule hat.png Coins.png 100 Always A red cap in the style of house gnomes. Cosmetic hat
Diverger Circlet Dverger circlet.png Coins.png 620 Always A portable perpetual lightsource for the dungeon explorer. Provides Light, uses hat slot.
Mejingjord Megingjord.png Coins.png 950 Always Gives the wearer superhuman strength. Increases carry weight, uses special slot.
Ymir Flesh Ymir flesh.png Coins.png 120 After defeating the_Elder The earthly remains of the giant Ymir. Used for crafting.
Fishing Rod Fishing rod.png Coins.png 350 Always Standard issue dvergr fishing rod Used for Fishing
Fishing Bait x20 Fishing bait.png Coins.png 10 Always Common dvergr fishing bait. Fishing rod sold separately Used for Fishing
Thunderstone Thunderstone.png Coins.png 50 After defeating the_Elder It is crackling with energy. Used in Building
Egg Egg.png Coins.png 1500 After defeating Yagluth Keep it warm to see what comes out... but what came first, really? Used for raising Chickens
Item Icon Price for 1 Price per stack
Amber Amber.png Coins.png 5 Coins.png 100
Amber Pearl Amber pearl.png Coins.png 10 Coins.png 500
Ruby Ruby.png Coins.png 20 Coins.png 400
Silver Necklace Silver necklace.png Coins.png 30 Coins.png 600