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Type Crafting station

A Forge is used for crafting items, and repairing metal items. They require a roof and 70% cover before they can be used. to be usable.


Upgrading a forge enables additional crafting recipes and higher upgrade levels for items. A forge can be upgraded up to level 7 by placing the following structures in its near area:



ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
total: 1 row(s)

Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Cooking stationCooking station
Tool shelfTool shelf
total: 4 row(s)

Used to craft

Forge (Item).png Forge
ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
BronzeBronze (5)
Bronze atgeirBronze atgeir
Bronze axeBronze axe
Bronze bucklerBronze buckler
Bronze helmetBronze helmet
Bronze maceBronze mace
Bronze nailsBronze nails (20)
Bronze pickaxeBronze pickaxe
Bronze plate cuirassBronze plate cuirass
Bronze plate leggingsBronze plate leggings
Bronze spearBronze spear
Bronze swordBronze sword
Bronzehead arrowBronzehead arrow (20)
Butcher knifeButcher knife
Copper knifeCopper knife
Drake helmetDrake helmet
Huntsman bowHuntsman bow
Iron helmetIron helmet
Iron nailsIron nails (10)
Padded helmetPadded helmet
Tool shelfTool shelf
Banded shieldBanded shieldForgeForge
Crafting Station Level Star.png2
Black metal pickaxeBlack metal pickaxe
Draugr fangDraugr fang
Iron atgeirIron atgeir
Iron axeIron axe
Iron bucklerIron buckler
Iron greavesIron greaves
Iron maceIron mace
Iron pickaxeIron pickaxe
Iron scale mailIron scale mail
Iron shieldIron shield
Iron sledgeIron sledge
Iron swordIron sword
Iron tower shieldIron tower shield
Ironhead arrowIronhead arrow (20)
Padded cuirassPadded cuirass
Padded greavesPadded greaves
Wolf armor chestWolf armor chest
Wolf armor legsWolf armor legs
Ancient bark spearAncient bark spearForgeForge
Crafting Station Level Star.png3
Black metal shieldBlack metal shield
Black metal tower shieldBlack metal tower shield
Crystal battleaxeCrystal battleaxe
Fang spearFang spear
Flesh rippersFlesh rippers
Serpent scale shieldSerpent scale shield
Silver arrowSilver arrow (20)
Silver knifeSilver knife
Silver shieldSilver shield
Silver swordSilver sword
Blackmetal atgeirBlackmetal atgeirForgeForge
Crafting Station Level Star.png4
Blackmetal axeBlackmetal axe
Blackmetal knifeBlackmetal knife
Blackmetal swordBlackmetal sword
total: 61 row(s)