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Type Material
Tooltip Unspun fibers from a flax plant.

Flax is found specifically in Fuling Villages within the Plains biome. It is used to make Linen thread on a Spinning wheel. It can be used as food to feed to Loxes.


  • Upon entering a Fuling Village, check the area surrounding the village for a small patch of cultivated land. This is where planted Flax can be found ready to harvest for 2 Flax each. However, it's more common to find Barley in these spots, so it may be necessary to search multiple villages.
  • Flax can be grown by replanting it with a Cultivator. Despite being able to be planted anywhere with cultivated ground, it will only actually grow when planted in the Plains.


Used to craft

ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Linen threadLinen threadSpinning wheelSpinning wheel
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This item cannot be crafted


This item cannot be upgraded