Fine wood

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Fine wood
Fine wood.png
Location(s) Cutting down Birch and Oak trees

Fine wood is a crafting resource obtained by chopping down Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows biome


ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Blast furnaceBlast furnaceArtisan tableArtisan table
Spinning wheelSpinning wheel
MistwalkerMistwalkerBlack forgeBlack forge
Skoll and HatiSkoll and Hati
Spine snapSpine snap
Huntsman bowHuntsman bowForgeForge
Banded shieldBanded shieldForgeForge
Crafting Station Level Star.png2
Iron shieldIron shield
Iron tower shieldIron tower shield
Black metal shieldBlack metal shieldForgeForge
Crafting Station Level Star.png3
Black metal tower shieldBlack metal tower shield
Serpent scale shieldSerpent scale shield
Silver shieldSilver shield
Blackmetal atgeirBlackmetal atgeirForgeForge
Crafting Station Level Star.png4
Blackmetal axeBlackmetal axe
Blackmetal knifeBlackmetal knife
Blackmetal swordBlackmetal sword
Forge coolerForge cooler
Tool shelfTool shelf
Finewood bowFinewood bowWorkbenchWorkbench
Mead horn of OdinMead horn of Odin
Abyssal harpoonAbyssal harpoonWorkbenchWorkbench
Crafting Station Level Star.png2
Abyssal razorAbyssal razor
total: 28 row(s)