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Damage in Valheim affects much of the core gameplay mechanics. Almost every entity, object, or structure utilizes this system in some way.

Damage Types

  • Physical
    • Blunt
    • Pierce
    • Slash
  • Elemental
    • Fire
    • Poison
    • Spirit
    • Lightning
  • Terrain
    • Chop (Woodcutting)
    • Pickaxe (Mining)
  • Pure

Resistances and Weaknesses (Tenacity)

Each Damage types is distinguished between levels of Resistances and Weaknesses for anything that takes damage. In combat, different creatures have different resistances and weaknesses so using the right weapon can make a big difference. Players can also acquire resistances and weaknesses against some damage types. See Resistance page for more information about the mechanics.

Below is a table for disambiguation. The Tenacity Tiers can be used as short hand to refer to these, if consistent wording or spacing is preferred.

Resist / Weak Tiers Damage % Tenacity Tier
Very Weak 200% Tenacity 0
Weak 150% Tenacity 1
Neutral 100% Tenacity 2
Resistant 50% Tenacity 3
Very Resistant 25% Tenacity 4
Immune 0% Immune