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Type Crafting station

The Cauldron is used for creating edible items by way of cooking. The cauldron requires a fire to be put under it (such as a Campfire).

Some items crafted through the Cauldron may require an additional step before consumption. See also: Fermenter.


Used to craft

Cauldron (Item).png Cauldron
ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Barley wine base: Fire resistanceBarley wine base: Fire resistanceCauldronCauldron
Boar jerkyBoar jerky (2)
Carrot soupCarrot soup
Cold fishing baitCold fishing bait (20)
Cooked eggCooked egg
Deer stewDeer stew
Frosty fishing baitFrosty fishing bait (20)
Heavy fishing baitHeavy fishing bait (20)
Hot fishing baitHot fishing bait (20)
Mead base: Frost resistanceMead base: Frost resistance
Mead base: Lingering eitrMead base: Lingering eitr
Mead base: Lingering healthMead base: Lingering health
Mead base: Lingering staminaMead base: Lingering stamina
Mead base: Major healingMead base: Major healing
Mead base: Medium healingMead base: Medium healing
Mead base: Medium staminaMead base: Medium stamina
Mead base: Minor eitrMead base: Minor eitr
Mead base: Minor healingMead base: Minor healing
Mead base: Minor staminaMead base: Minor stamina
Mead base: Poison resistanceMead base: Poison resistance
Mead base: TastyMead base: Tasty
Minced Meat SauceMinced Meat Sauce
Minor healing meadMinor healing mead
Minor stamina meadMinor stamina mead
Misty fishing baitMisty fishing bait (20)
Mossy fishing baitMossy fishing bait (20)
Queens jamQueens jam (4)
Raw fishRaw fish
Sticky fishing baitSticky fishing bait (20)
Stingy fishing baitStingy fishing bait (20)
Black soupBlack soupCauldronCauldron
Crafting Station Level Star.png2
Onion soupOnion soup
SausagesSausages (4)
Serpent stewSerpent stew
Turnip stewTurnip stew
Crafting Station Level Star.png3
Wolf jerkyWolf jerky (2)
Wolf skewerWolf skewer
Blood puddingBlood puddingCauldronCauldron
Crafting Station Level Star.png4
Bread doughBread dough (2)
Fish wrapsFish wraps
Unbaked lox pieUnbaked lox pie
Fiery svinstewFiery svinstewCauldronCauldron
Crafting Station Level Star.png5
Mushroom omeletteMushroom omelette
SaladSalad (3)
Seeker aspicSeeker aspic (2)
Sizzling berry brothSizzling berry broth
Spicy marmaladeSpicy marmalade
Uncooked fish n' breadUncooked fish n' bread
Uncooked honey glazed chickenUncooked honey glazed chicken
Uncooked magically stuffed shroomUncooked magically stuffed shroom
Uncooked meat platterUncooked meat platter
Uncooked misthare supremeUncooked misthare supreme
Yggdrasil porridgeYggdrasil porridge
Marinated greensMarinated greensCauldronCauldron
Crafting Station Level Star.png6
Mashed meatMashed meat
Scorching medleyScorching medley (3)
Sparkling shroomshakeSparkling shroomshake
Uncooked piquant pieUncooked piquant pie
Uncooked roasted crust pieUncooked roasted crust pie
total: 61 row(s)