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Trophies are items dropped by defeated creatures. They can be attached to item stands to serve as decorations. Some are used for crafting other items, and some for summoning Forsaken.

Each Forsaken is guaranteed to drop a special trophy when defeated that can be returned to the Sacrificial Stones to unlock a new Forsaken power.

List of trophies


Icon Name Dropped by Drop chance Uses
Boar trophy.png Boar trophy Boar 15% Decoration
Deer trophy.png Deer trophy Deer 50% Decoration, Crafting, Summoning
Neck trophy.png Neck trophy Neck 5% Decoration
Eikthyr trophy.png Eikthyr trophy Eikthyr 100% Decoration, Forsaken Power

Black Forest

Icon Name Dropped by Drop chance Uses
Greydwarf trophy.png Greydwarf trophy Greydwarf 5% Decoration
Greydwarf Brute trophy.png Greydwarf Brute trophy Greydwarf brute 10% Decoration
Greydwarf Shaman trophy.png Greydwarf Shaman trophy Greydwarf shaman 10% Decoration
Troll trophy.png Troll trophy Troll 50% Decoration, Crafting
Skeleton trophy.png Skeleton trophy Skeleton 10% Decoration, Crafting
File:Rancid Remains trophy.png Rancid Remains trophy Rancid remains 10% Decoration
Brenna trophy.png Brenna trophy Brenna 100% Decoration
The Elder trophy.png The Elder trophy The Elder 100% Decoration, Forsaken Power


Icon Name Dropped by Drop chance Uses
Leech trophy.png Leech trophy Leech 10% Decoration
Draugr trophy.png Draugr trophy Draugr 10% Decoration
Draugr Elite trophy.png Draugr Elite trophy Draugr elite 10% Decoration, Crafting
Wraith trophy.png Wraith trophy Wraith 5% Decoration
Abomination trophy.png Abomination trophy Abomination 50% Decoration, Crafting
Blob trophy.png Blob trophy Blob 10% Decoration
Bonemass trophy.png Bonemass trophy Bonemass 100% Decoration, Forsaken Power


Icon Name Dropped by Drop chance Uses
Wolf trophy.png Wolf trophy Wolf 10% Decoration, Crafting
Fenring trophy.png Fenring trophy Fenring 10% Decoration, Crafting
Stone Golem trophy.png Stone Golem trophy Stone Golem 5% Decoration
Drake trophy.png Drake trophy Drake 10% Decoration, Crafting
Ulv trophy.png Ulv trophy Ulv 10% Decoration
Cultist trophy.png Cultist trophy Cultist 10% Decoration, Crafting
Geirrhafa trophy.png Geirrhafa trophy Geirrhafa 100% Decoration
Moder trophy.png Moder trophy Moder 100% Decoration, Forsaken Power


Icon Name Dropped by Drop chance Uses
Fuling trophy.png Fuling trophy Fuling 10% Decoration, Crafting
Fuling berserker trophy.png Fuling berserker trophy Fuling Berserker 5% Decoration
Fuling shaman trophy.png Fuling shaman trophy Fuling shaman 10% Decoration
Lox trophy.png Lox trophy Lox 10% Decoration, Crafting
Deathsquito trophy.png Deathsquito trophy Deathsquito 5% Decoration
Growth trophy.png Growth trophy Growth 10% Decoration
Zil trophy.png Zil trophy Zil 100% Decoration
Thungr trophy.png Thungr trophy Thungr 100% Decoration
Yagluth trophy.png Yagluth trophy Yagluth 100% Decoration, Forsaken Power


Icon Name Dropped by Drop chance Uses
Hare trophy.png Hare trophy Hare 5% Decoration
Gjall trophy.png Gjall trophy Gjall 30% Decoration
Tick trophy.png Tick trophy Tick 5% Decoration
Seeker trophy.png Seeker trophy Seeker 10% Decoration
Seeker soldier trophy.png Seeker soldier trophy Seeker Soldier 5% Decoration, Summoning
Dvergr trophy.png Dvergr trophy Dvergr rogue
Dvergr mage
5% Decoration
The Queen trophy.png The Queen trophy The Queen 100% Decoration, Forsaken Power


Icon Name Dropped by Drop chance Uses
Serpent trophy.png Serpent trophy Serpent 33% Decoration, Crafting
Surtling trophy.png Surtling trophy Surtling 5% Decoration, Crafting

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