Black forge

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Black forge
Black forge.png
Type Crafting station

A Black forge is used for crafting items.


This item cannot be crafted
When broken with a hammer, it will yield the following component parts:


Upgrading a Black forge enables additional crafting recipes and higher upgrade levels for items. A Black forge can be upgraded up to level 3 by building the following structures near it:

ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
ViceViceBlack forgeBlack forge
Black forge coolerBlack forge coolerHammerHammer
total: 3 row(s)

Duplicate upgrades do not stack. These upgrades can be used to support more than one Black forge at the same time, as long as they're in range.



This item cannot be crafted

Used in

This item is not used in any crafting recipes

Used to craft

Black forge (Item).png Black forge
ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
ArbalestArbalestBlack forgeBlack forge
Black forge coolerBlack forge cooler
Bone boltBone bolt (20)
Carapace arrowCarapace arrow (20)
Carapace boltCarapace bolt (20)
Carapace breastplateCarapace breastplate
Carapace bucklerCarapace buckler
Carapace greavesCarapace greaves
Carapace helmetCarapace helmet
Carapace shieldCarapace shield
Carapace spearCarapace spear
Charred arrowCharred arrow (20)
Charred boltCharred bolt (20)
Dvergr lanternDvergr lantern
Himmin aflHimmin afl
Iron boltIron bolt (20)
Jotun baneJotun bane
Skoll and HatiSkoll and Hati
Spine snapSpine snap
Asksvin saddleAsksvin saddleBlack forgeBlack forge
Crafting Station Level Star.png2
Blackmetal boltBlackmetal bolt (20)
Ash fangAsh fangBlack forgeBlack forge
Crafting Station Level Star.png3
Ashen capeAshen cape
Berserkir axesBerserkir axes
Breastplate of AskBreastplate of Ask
Flametal breastplateFlametal breastplate
Flametal greavesFlametal greaves
Flametal helmetFlametal helmet
Flametal maceFlametal mace
Flametal shieldFlametal shield
Flametal tower shieldFlametal tower shield
Hood of AskHood of Ask
Trousers of AskTrousers of Ask
Bleeding berserkir axesBleeding berserkir axesBlack forgeBlack forge
Crafting Station Level Star.png4
Blood fangBlood fang
Brutal slayerBrutal slayer
Nidhgg the BleedingNidhgg the Bleeding
Nidhgg the PrimalNidhgg the Primal
Nidhgg the ThunderingNidhgg the Thundering
Primal berserkir axesPrimal berserkir axes
Primal slayerPrimal slayer
Root fangRoot fang
Root ripperRoot ripper
Scourging slayerScourging slayer
Splitnir the BleedingSplitnir the Bleeding
Splitnir the PrimalSplitnir the Primal
Splitnir the StormingSplitnir the Storming
Storm fangStorm fang
Storm ripperStorm ripper
Storm starStorm star
Thundering berserkir axesThundering berserkir axes
Wound ripperWound ripper
total: 64 row(s)