August 22, 2023 Patch

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Patch notes


The time has come for all those who have stocked up on gold from troll caves and fuling villages! Said gold is the prime currency in the world of Valheim after all, and there's a new vendor in the tenth realm where you can spend your riches.

For as you know, Haldor is not the only merchant in the family – and his sister Hildir has made her way to Valheim at last. But she has had some trouble on the way, and it appears most of her stock has gone missing. When you find her, she might request some help! By completing the tasks she has for you, you will unlock more things to buy from her – both new clothing as well as some other items that might come in handy in your base.

This update also brings some long awaited server modifiers; select a lower difficulty for a more casual experience, ramp it up for a hardcore playthrough, or come up with a mix of your own! Besides general difficulty, you will find settings for portals, resources, raids and more, all so that you can customise your experience to your viking heart's content.

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

New Content:

  • New NPC: Hildir the merchant
  • New locations
  • World modifiers added
  • 2 new crafting extensions
  • New hair and beard styles
  • New items


  • Hair and beards are now visible when equipping helmets
  • Various visual improvements
  • Quick-stack button added
  • Manual snapping for building added

Detailed Patch Notes: