April 24, 2024 Patch

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Patch notes


⚠️ Note: This update is for the Public Test branch of Valheim only, and may therefore be unstable!

Prior to launching this update to the Default version of the game, we want to have a chance to discover bugs and fine-tune the balancing to ensure the best game experience.

[list][*]ACCESS: Right-click Valheim in your Steam library, then select ‘Properties’. In the new window, select ‘Betas’ and type in the code “

”. The Public Test branch should now be available for you to select. The PTB FAQ can be found here.

[*]FEEDBACK: Please leave any feedback in the “#valheim-public-test” channel in our Discord or through the form on our website.

[/list]Please remember to be considerate towards players who are not participating in the Public Test, as some may prefer to avoid spoilers. As indicated by the access code, please ensure to create backups of your save files before playing.

Hello vikings!

First of all, we'd just like to thank everyone who has played the Ashlands update thus far, and we hope you're having a good time! That being said though, we have gotten a whole bunch of feedback already, and we have some tweaks for you today.

One of the main issues was that the new ship would get stuck against rocks and other surfaces, but with some material fixes it should be smooth sailing (hehe) from here on out. We have also solved an issue where portals wouldn't connect properly, as well an issue where even your cooking station would catch fire, along with various other bugs.

Last, but absolutely not least, we have also hopefully solved the issue where you would be far too overwhelmed by enemies. As it was, the enemies were drawn to you whenever you stood near a tree that fell, or a tree that was taking damage from a fire caused by cinders. Now, enemies should only react to the sound of falling trees, and the sound from when you/enemies are damaging the environment, and not the fire from cinders.

Please do continue to report bugs and leave feedback!

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

  • Multiple balancing tweaks in the Ashlands
  • Multiple bug fixes & optimization

Detailed Patch Notes:

  • Fixed issues which could cause Drakkar ship to get stuck
  • Fixed a balancing issue that could attract too many nearby enemies because of trees catching fire
  • Charred Warriors no longer spawn under the sea
  • Balancing tweaks to some of Fader’s attacks
  • Portals should no longer have a problem reconnecting after changing name
  • Tweaked collider to prevent rugs from clipping into the Grausten floor pieces
  • Ashwood walls with 26 and 45 degree angle now align better with the other Ashwood wall pieces
  • Cooking stations can no longer catch on fire
  • Building pieces will no longer start burning before being placed
  • Recipes for multiple armours and weapons in Ashlands has been updated to use correct workbench levels
  • Summoned Trolls now have a small chance to spawn cinders
  • Summoned Trolls are now immune to fire damage
  • Visual tweaks to Dyrnwyn
  • Visual tweaks to Bone Fragments
  • Tweaks to Ashen Cape visual behaviour
  • Corrected missing text strings
  • Compiler optimizations for Xbox
  • Sulfur now makes correct sound when picked up
  • Fixed a performance issue related to many damage numbers
  • Fixed an issue causing the download size to be unnecessarily large
  • Modding: IMonoUpdater no longer requires to be inherited from and error messages removed